Sunday, November 05, 2006

I BOOKED a music video!!

Performing artists everywhere, let this be a lesson to you:

Audition for anyone who wants you to (use some common sense with that statement, okay?  I don't want to see any of you on the news in a bad way.)  I started not to even go to this audition b/c I didn't remember submitting for it, some guy called me and told me that I had an audition for this project (on a Sunday, no less), didn't give much detail, then he left someone else's phone number.  I called her and asked for a bit more info--she was nice, I found the original breakdown and my subsequent submission, and went.

I went in, discovered that both the man who called me, and the woman I called were there.  The woman was the director.  She gave me very detailed information about the music video, told me she was looking for and actress with an "excellent dramatic range" who could basically go from 0-60 in nothing flat, gave me an improv assignment and let me do my thing.  She directed me, I made the adjustment and did my thing again.  She told me that I was the last person she had to see for that particular role, and she liked me best, so she offered me the part.  Yippee!!  It's a new British artist, the song was cool with a unique sound, and I like the concept of the video.  I'll give you more info soon.  I shoot 11/18.


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