Saturday, November 04, 2006


Went to a CD workshop @ Actorsite today.  John Andrews w/ Mark Saks Casting.

The short film shoot that was supposed to take place next weekend has been postponed until January.  I really wanted it to happen...even turned down a production job to do it, but it was turning into a rush job, and pushing it ‘til January will allow us to have some crew members (and equipment) that will really benefit the project.  So...details at a later date!

I have an audition tomorrow for something I don’t recall submitting for, and can’t find sides for.  I’m looking b/c I don’t even know if it’s a short, a video or what.

I also have a commercial audition on Monday for “Time Warner Cable.”

Went to the re-opening of the Griffith Observatory last night.  They really should have postponed the opening.


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