Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The last couple of days...

Last night I went to a CD workshop at Actorsite. Fellow actor Danny Pardo and I did a comedic scene and people laughed, so I guess we did just fine. The CD was Carissa Chapman with Zane/ Pillsbury Casting.

My birthday is coming soon (December 6th, y'all!) and today I got a box from my mother. I had recently mentioned that I needed some windchime-y things to hang on my balcony. I opened the box & she had sent me 6 of them. Really colorful--just like I like 'em! Thanks, Mama!

I couldn't sleep last night, so I finished reading Judy Kerr's book "Acting is Everything", turned down the heat, ate cheese & crackers, then did my goals for 2007, and wrote out the steps I need to take in order to achieve them. Since commercials really have the potential to become my bread and butter, I'm going to go back into heavy-duty training. Tomorrow I'll be auditing Carolyne Barry's class, and unless something goes horribly wrong, I'll sign up for her class when I meet with her Friday morning.

I was in my car running some errands today and my car started acting funny. I pulled over, looked under it and didn't see anything, so I decided I would make the two stops I had to make, then take my car to the dealership. I went to the bank, then to Office Depot. I started my car after leaving Office Depot, and it sounded like a Harley. Roadside assistance came to get me, and of course I was imagining the worst, right? He listened, looked under the car (like I THOUGHT I did), then made me get down lower than I had before (I had to actually touch the ground--yuck) and then I saw it--the muffler had come loose. He told me it would be fine to drive it somewhere to get it fixed, but I didn't entirely believe him, so I asked him to follow me. He did. Midas braced the muffler back up for $30.

At Midas, I met a gentleman who was reading a book about shooting short films. We struck up a conversation, discovered we were both "hyphenates" in the industry (actor-writer-etc.-etc.), and he gave me his card & suggested that I check out The Actors Network. Coolness.

Came home, flipped on the TV, "Married With Children" was on, and it was an episode I had never seen before. Hill Harper was in it! I got a kick out of watching him. When actors hit it big, people always think they "came out of no where", but that is not the reality for the vast majority of us. Yes, I want my *success* (as defined by me) right now, but I'm in it for the long haul.

Ciao! Got lots of stuff to do.

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