Thursday, November 30, 2006

Sometimes I feel like a walking "to do" list...

I woke up checking my Treo for today's schedule. The phone rang exactly two minutes later and I was off and running for the day.

I did some design work for a friend and there has been a bit of disorganization in tying up the loose ends, so it has eaten into my week. I dealt with that, had to make a couple of phone calls, did a light workout at home, dropped off pix to UDK, went to the chiropractor, then to the massage therapist. Afterwards, I checked my voicemail--3 messages regarding the design project. *sigh* I needed another massage.

I was supposed to head over to the NAACP to do some work for them, but it became apparent that I wasn't going to make it. I went home to put out the fire regarding the design situation, was inspired to write a poem, so I sat on the floor and wrote it, then fixed the design problem. Next thing I knew, it was time for me to head to the Hollywood Hills to audit Carolyne Barry's commercial class. She's an awesome teacher, btw. I meet with her one-on-one in the morning. I also got a job offer today--y'all know (at least I think you do), I do various types of freelance assignments to keep myself afloat between acting gigs (production work on award shows, data entry, web design, art design, editing, proofreading...), well I got a call to do something right after this NAACP gig. Cool. Sista needs a pair of shoes...always!

Remember that Time Warner commercial I just KNEW I had booked? Well, the woman who booked it just asked to be my friend on MySpace. How funny is that? I ain't mad at all. We all prepare to the best of our ability, and God gives us what He has for us. Of course I want them all anyway. And I mean that in the "un-saltiest" way possible.

I also saw another commercial that I thought I had in the bag...only Kym Whitley is in it. lol my radar is off. Good thing I'm taking my butt back to class, huh?

I'm seeing a lot of people I know on commercials these days. That's new for me. Guess that means I'm moving in the right circles as far as my work is concerned.

Okay, I'm just running my mouth. I'm going to watch Ugly Betty & Grey's Anatomy (on tape), and go to bed. Up early tomorrow, and lots to do.


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