Thursday, December 14, 2006

Feeling much better now!

Sometimes it takes being sick to appreciate feeling good!!

I had an audition yesterday for "Wake Forest Hospital" (or something like that). I bought myself a cute scrub top, and went to the audition hoping that it masked the fact that I felt like something the cat dragged in. Today I felt good when I woke up. Did some typing for this project that has gone on about a week past the time when it should have ended, then "got cute" and went to my commercial agency's holiday party. I got there expecting to recognize at least a couple of people, and meet a couple of the agents in the other departments. I got there and the only person I recognized was my agent. I spoke to him, he introduced me to another of his clients who, fortunately, was good at making introductions. I met 4 more people, had a couple of glasses (little plastic cups, really) of wine, realized I was going to be drunk if I didn't:

A. Eat something
B. Stop drinking

So I got something to eat, and drank two bottles of water. A couple of people I knew showed up, I spoke to them briefly, mingled a bit, checked out a couple of fine guys, avoided eye contact with a couple of creepy ones, met one of the agents I've been trying to meet for almost a year now (she recognized me from my picture, an introduced herself to ME), listened to my agent's speech, and slipped out the door. I got in my car & took a deep breath. OMG, I really don't do the party thing to well anymore. Wow. That is SO not my element or my way of 'networking'. Some people schmooze really well, and it's a valuable skill, but it's not one of mine. Know thyself.

Okay, gonna hop in the shower. Up at 7-ish for Pilates at 8.



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