Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Under the weather

I'm home with the flu. It just straight jumped on me yesterday right after I finished shooting the commercial. You know how you can keep going and going and going, then when you stop for a second your body takes it as a cue to let down its defenses? Well...here I am.

The shoot was short. My call was 7:30AM, I had breakfast, then went to makeup at 8, was clothed by 9, and done shooting by 11. I'm kinda salty because the role I was supposed to play in the commercial was reassigned to someone else, so I'm really just trying to move on. Next!

I'm wrapping up this phase of the work that I am doing with the NAACP Image Awards (which is why I'm on the computer instead of in bed). Then in a month or so, I'll be on to the next phase. It's a year-round process.

I joined SAG on Friday. I was feeling apprehensive about it...really FORCED into it by virtue of the fact that I can't get any more union work unless I join the union. I'm worried that this is going to cut my auditions in half (since I can no longer do non-union work), and give me fewer chances to book jobs. I know I'm largely ignorant of the value of the union, so I have to do my due diligence. I expressed this apprehension to a friend of mine earlier this evening and she told me that I'm just nervous because I am moving to a different level, and instead of looking at the QUANTITY of work that I am able to pursue, I am moving to a level where the work will be of a more professional QUALITY. Instead of a "hustler", I am now a "professional". I appreciate her insight--sometimes a change in perspective makes all the difference, but I do have to add that perhaps now I have been validated as a "professional hustler". lol Never gonna give that up. ;o)

I'll keep ya posted. Right now I'm going to bed.


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