Thursday, December 07, 2006

A Sistuh is TIRED!

OMG, I am dragging. I was up until about 3:30AM typing up the ballot for the NAACP Image Awards (still not done). Went to sleep, up at 7:30 so I could meet my pilates trainer at 9. I got to my car and started cussing b-c I forgot to put the little motion alarm on the roof and those friggin' cats have been sleeping on the cloth top again. White fur all over the top. I got it off with one of those sticky lint rollers, and ended up about 10 mins. late for Pilates. Pilates was R-O-U-G-H!! I just wanted to go to sleep. After that, I came home, typed for an hour, then went to a print audition (more like a "go-see"). Stopped by the NAACP, picked up more forms to type, then to the credit union to try to talk them into releasing the out-of-state check they insist on holding until Tuesday. I need the money so I can pay my SAG initiation fee.

Credit union told me to call or come back tomorrow (*sigh*). I came home, spent 15 mins. on the phone with SAG, made myself some lunch, changed clothes, and went to my "Kraft" audition (it was fun--I got to do the twist, lol). Came back home, called my mother while making dinner. Changed clothes again and went to a casting director workshop--Will Stewart of Linda Lowy Casting (casts "Grey's Anatomy"). I think my scene went well. I was bigger and louder than usual, but heck, that's me sometimes.

I usually try not to leave the CD workshops early, but I was nodding, so I stopped at 7-eleven, picked up a bottle of pop (caffeine), and came home. I intend to type for a while...not too late though. Gotta get up early tomorrow--my Rozerem fitting is at 9:45AM at LA Center Studios. Tomorrow looks pretty much like today. I'm tired just thinking about it.

Pray for a sistuh.


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