Monday, January 15, 2007

"Lexus" fitting tomorrow...

bright and early. 7:30AM at the Universal backlot. Fortunately, I don't live too far from Universal.

APPARENTLY, I didn't book the Lexus spot I THOUGHT I booked. They're shooting two and I booked the other one. I may be asked to run through a fire hydrant outside with my clothes on. I'll know tomorrow. I hope the weather warms up for it, it's been COLD here lately. LA has turned me into a real punk. When I first moved here, I wore open-toe shoes all winter. Now I'm putting on socks and scarves. I don't do "cold". Unless I'm being paid, I guess. lol

Went to an M.D. today. I go to the chiropractor just about every week, but finally went to see an MD for my back/shoulder problems. Of course I got prescribed drugs. The Dr. didn't even examine me. I'm allergic to anti-inflammatory drugs (which made foot surgery real fun 7 years ago), so I was prescribed muscle relaxers along with physical therapy. 30 pills cost $81. Insurance paid $1.30.

I spend more money on healthcare now that I HAVE insurance than I did before.

Alright, gotta get my things ready for tomorrow.



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