Thursday, January 25, 2007

One more post and I'm going to bed, I SWEAR!

Alright, I'm still thinking how surreal this all feels. Yes I'm an actress. Yes I've been at it for a while now. Yes I'm good. Yes I work very hard in order to build my career. And yet, everytime I book something I have a "Sally Field" moment. Everytime I get paid from acting work (even the little checks) I just can't believe someone is paying me to do what I love to do (and did for free for a loooong time), much less actually putting me on TV. Me, the little skinny black girl from the south side of Chicago who soooo wanted to be "fly" but had to settle for "smart". Me. On TV. Whaaat?

On one hand I am asking myself "What's wrong with these people? They must think I'm somebody else." On the other I'm saying "I have earned every success." Instead of asking "why me?" It's much more empowering to ask "why not me?" They have to hire SOMEbody. Might as well be me. I work hard, I'm good at what I do, and I am professional. Why NOT me?

It's all God's anyway.

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