Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Audition tomorrow...

for "The Shield". The tripped out thing is that I had been gone all day (running errands, gym, lunch with a friend, then visiting one of my agents), and when I got home I checked the breakdowns on Actors Access to see if there was anything I could submit myself for. There was a role for "The Shield" so I submitted myself, then I also decided I would drop off a headshot and resume to them tomorrow. While I was in the middle of addressing the envelope, my phone rang. It was my agent telling me that I got the audition.

There's something else in the works that I can't tell y'all about yet. Don't want to jinx it, so nobody knows but my mother (Hi Ma!). I'll let you know when it pans out.

I'm back in the saddle!


P.S.--Can't win if ya don't play! ;o)

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