Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Busy day already...

I got up this AM, checked the online breakdowns, then sent an email to my commercial agency asking to be submitted for a particular project. Then I got myself cleaned up, dressed, and out the door...the role was a courthouse guard and I was asked NOT to wear makeup, so that cut a few minutes off of my routine.

I had a Dr.'s appointment this morning--my blood pressure is 96/62! The lowest it's ever been. Like many African-Americans, high blood pressure and diabetes run in my family, I've seen what it can do to people, and I don't want ANY parts of it, so I've been going to the gym and making a real effort to live a healthy lifestyle that I can maintain (nothing too extreme).

Anyhoo--after the appointment, I went to my audition for "The Shield". I've seen the casting associate, Karina Walters, at Actorsite twice now (the last time was last week), and she was at this auditions. I thanked her and Barbara Fiorentino for calling me in, then got to work. I felt incredibly focused, and like I had made good choices. They gave me one adjustment, had me do it again, and told me it was "very good work". I feel good about it and hope it results in a booking. To take pressure off of myself (so I wouldn't get nervous), I told myself that it wasn't about getting THIS job (though I would love to have it), it's about showing that I am talented and professional and that I do good work. If it doesn't work out for them to hire me now, then hopefully they'll keep calling me in until it does work out. Y punto!

I left the audition, made a few calls on my way back to the valley, then stopped at the photo repro place to order some new headshots. Now I'm home making phone calls (gen. business). A couple of people have told me (recently) that they "wish they had a job like mine". Neither of these people is in the entertainment industry, so they don't really know what that entails. They just know that I don't go into an office everyday, I don't seem to be starving, and I just took a vacation. I used to get offended and feel like I had to prove that I was actually working. Even my apartment manager was looking at me funny, like "yeah, SURE you're an actress--I've never seen you on TV)! I don't feel that I have to prove anything anymore. Success leaves footprints, and I feel like I have enough successes under my belt (and looking forward to many more), that it's obvious that I'm doing something other than sitting around watching "The Peoples' Court" (which I AM watching right now as I type, lol).

Alright, and audition notice just popped up on my computer screen. I'm going to go see what it is.



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