Thursday, June 21, 2007


The day was fine until I showed up for a 3:20 PM audition at Fox Hills Mall. (Yes, I said "Fox Hills Mall.") I got there and was told that there was a 45 minute wait. In surprise, I looked up at the guy who said it & he looked back at me like "And what??" I signed in and went for a walk around the mall to adjust my attitude because that immediately put me in a foul mood. I find it INCREDIBLY disrespectful to waste peoples' time like this & not even apologize. The only thing that kept me from leaving was the fact that I lived 20 miles in the other direction, and I knew I had well over an hour drive ahead of me. So I waited. I went in and auditioned, it was some ghetto-comedy, but the role I auditioned for was pretty straight-laced (and no buffoonery required), so I went ahead and auditioned. It went well. I got out of there at 10 minutes to 5, and got back to the valley at 6:30PM. I dropped the top on my car, put my sunglasses on and turned my music up really loudly. It was really the only way I could keep from getting road rage. I stopped at the grocery store, then headed home.

When I got home, I checked the mailbox. Yayyy!! A DVD copy of the commercial I shot for "Fruit of the Loom" had FINALLY arrived. I've been so anxious to see it. I got into my apt., put my food away, popped the DVD in and watched it. No sign of me. Not happy. At all.

Bye, y'all. Just...bye.

Tomorrow is a new day. Right now I'm going to eat half a chicken, and an ice cream bar, and call it a night.



  1. Don't fret! EVERYTHING happens for a reason. Now you have a crack at a Hanes commercial. I still don't want you prancing around in your DRAWZ.

  2. Thanks Ma. I know, I know. I just needed to sleep on it. Now I'm looking ahead to whatever's next.

    But I looked so cute...




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