Thursday, July 19, 2007

Audition at Nickelodeon today...

for the new kids' show "iCarly". I found the scene challenging to work on because it was a departure from what I usually do. This contained some broad, physical comedy that is typical of children's shows, plus it was for a principal role--I've only been in for co-ster (under 5 lines) before. I must admit that I procrastinated a bit...found myself cleaning, talking to my pet birds, organizing the stack of papers that has been under my couch for a month, cooking, eating...and going back to the script in between each of these activities. I was trying to figure out exactly what to do with it. I worked on it and worked on it, then I decided to call it a night. I took a shower and went to bed. Suddenly I KNEW! I flipped the light back on, worked it all out in my head and jotted down my notes on the script.

This morning I woke up and worked on it some more. I had myself laughing. I worked on it until I felt comfortable, ate breakfast, watched "The View", and worked on it some more.

By the time my audition rolled around, I was ready. I got there early, waited until I felt comfortable in my surroundings before I signed in, then went in and did my thing. I was put on tape for the producers to view later. Hopefully I made a good impression.

I'm thinking of going back to class as well. More on that later.


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