Thursday, September 06, 2007

Boston Legal!

I guess they like me--I just got a call from the FABULOUS Loree Parral (Wardrobe at Boston Legal), and my fitting is tomorrow! Yayy!

I'm home sick today. Thought I would get some rest because I woke up several times last night, an felt awful when I woke up this morning, but since I'm working 2 gigs right now, plus trying to move, and fighting the little bitty ants that have invaded my apartment, it hasn't been much of a success. My phone rang constantly, and my work has to get done, so I've been in bed all day responding to emails.

So, I have a rehearsal for a play reading about Darfur tonight, I have my fitting and work all day tomorrow (in an office), Saturday, I have to go buy my discounted casting director workshp ticket at Actorsite, get my car smog checked, go to a screening of a movie I'm in, then participate in the actual script reading Saturday evening. Whew! When it rains it pours. I'm not complaining, I just wish I felt better. I should probably keep closer tabs on my diet, exercise, and sleep patterns. When they're all out of whack, that's when I get run down, then I get sick.

Anyway, a sista is recurring on "Boston Legal". I ain't mad.


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