Friday, September 07, 2007


I started feeling better last night, and even better still this morning. Right now I'm back to feeling not-so-well. I've been moving stuff around in my apartment and stirring up a lot of dust. My asthma and allergies are acting up, so I'm wheezing and sneezing. Tried to refill the prescription on my inhaler only to discover that I don't have any refills. The doctor keeps either not giving me any refills or one so I can keep coming back and paying $25 a pop. I've had asthma all my life--trust me, I am not going to try to get high off the inhaler--give a sista a break.

Anyhoo--I'm just grumpy right now. On to brighter things:

I had my fitting for "Boston Legal" this morning and I'll tell you--I am not a morning person by ANY stretch of the imagination (unless staying up UNTIL morning counts), but that's one thing I don't mind getting up early for. They really know how to dress me.

I work 2 days next week, and I'm in 2 scenes. I looked at the script and saw that I had 2 lines in one scene and no lines in another one. One line was longer than any line I've had so far (and that's not saying much, lol), so I got excited, then I looked at the re-writes and saw that they took that line out, so my one line is "All rise." HAHAHAHA! That's show business. Gotta love it.

I also have an audition for a new show called "Unhitched" on Monday. Reading for 2 roles.

Gonna go to bed & see if I can recuperate. Gotta keep it least for the next few weeks, then I can chill a bit.

Good night!


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