Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fires abound...

L.A. to San Diego is burning. I mean it. Half a million people have been evacuated from their homes, and the air quality is horrible. There are ashes falling from the sky, and I've been sneezing and wheezing (asthma) for 3 days now. Better today though. The pictures above are of yesterday's sky in the San Fernando Valley. They're saying that some of the fires are arson. How sick is that??

I don't have much to say right now. Actually, that's not true...I have LOTS to say, but none of it is on the same subject, lol. I have some rants (about how I wish low-rise jeans would go away altogether because I'm tired of looking at buttcracks), some hopes (I hope "Private Practice" gets better--I sooo want to love the show, and right now I don't) , some confessions (I am really happy with my new apartment, I'm addicted to sugar, I really need to go to the gym, "America's Next Top Model" is must-see TV for me, and so is the Young, Black, and Fabulous website), and a recommendation (I just finished a great book "Infidel" by Ayaan Hirsi Ali). It's so nice having the time to read. I also have wanderlust. After reading Hirsi Ali's book, I want to visit the Netherlands.

I'm taking a voiceover class right now, and thinking about going back to study at The Meisner Center for a while.

I know several of you have called me and I haven't called back. I will, I promise. It's just "me time" right now.

Two of my goldfish died yesterday. :o(

My Lexus commercial is running again. ;o)


P.S.--Yeah, I'm a little loopy. On muscle relaxants for back pain. Probably shouldn't be allowed to blog while I'm high...

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