Sunday, November 04, 2007

Of course I expect to succeed!

Yesterday I told a friend of mine that I am taking a voiceover class. It's a lot of fun and I've already learned a lot in a short period of time (2 weeks). I told her that I should have my demo done by the end of January and this will create another dimension to my career. She said something to the effect of "your confidence is nice--you're already assuming you will be able to get a job. You know voiceover artists are an exclusive club--most people tend to hire the same folks over and over." My response? The same as it always is:

Nobody came here (and by "here", I mean earth) knowing how to do ANYTHING. We all had to learn every skill we have. Each of us has talents in different areas, and effective training enhances what we already have naturally. That being said, heck yeah I expect to work. Not because I'm cocky, but because I know where my talents lie (and where they DON'T), and I work hard to hone my skills, and market what I have to offer. That's all ANYONE does, right? Be competent, be professional, and be visible. Those are the basics--everything else is gravy. The "powers that be" (who really are just people) have to hire SOMEbody. Why not me?

Of COURSE I expect to succeed. Why would I expect NOT to? I never could wrap my mind around that one. Probably a good thing...

More stuff later...


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