Sunday, November 04, 2007


On Friday night I went to see Kim Wayans' one-woman show entitled "A Handsome Woman Retreats". By and large, I don't care for the Wayans Brothers humor, but from the advertisements and a radio interview I heard, this sounded like it was going to be a departure from that type of humor. I was SO happy to see that I was right. It WAS humorous , but also poignant, revealing, and relatable. From panic attacks and anxiety, to the need to slow down, to the challenge of balancing a career in showbusiness with the need to be creative (which are not necessarily one and the same), I identified with a lot of things she talked about. She stated "I am not a Wayans Brother" and I was soooo glad she isn't.

Saturday morning I went to a shooting range for the first time ever, and went through a firearms training class. I learned to shoot a handgun. Kinda scary at first, but I'm glad I did. At the very least, It's a useful skill to add to my resume, and though I hope it will never come to this--it's a skill that could save my behind one day.

Today I went to my voiceover class, and interestingly enough, my instructor spoke about the importance of not allowing fear to keep us from following through and going after what we want. I can't say that nothing ever scares me, but I can say that I am more afraid of being paralyzed by fear (and having regrets later because of it) than I am of going after I want.

Alright, I'm going to finish watching Cold Case, then go to bed. Gotta get up early and take care of some business, and I have an audition for "Hallmark" tomorrow evening. Yeah I had an audition for "Hallmark" last week, and no this isn't a callback. It's a whole 'nother thing.

Keep ya posted.


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