Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I felt like I rocked the Slimfast commercial, and waited for the call to come (which I rarely do), but it never did, and the commecial shot this past Monday.

Monday I had auditions for Clorox and MasterCard. Last night (Tuesday) I was in "Boston Legal".

I moved 2 months ago and just realized that I have not looked at my list of goals ONCE since moving. I used to look at it everyday just to stay on track. It makes a difference b/c I feel very off-track right now. So, I've pulled out my list and I'm going to re-evaluate where I am with where I want to be and make adjustments.

I also hadn't been to the gym in _____ _______ (don't really want to tell y'all--suffice it to say that it's been a LOOOONG time). I went tonight. No I haven't ballooned or anything (YET), and a friend of mine actually told me that I look like I've LOST weight (trust me, I haven't), but I FEEL better when I'm working out. I've been making excuses to myself for the last month or so regarding why I couldn't go to the gym on that particular day. The bottom line: Just do it. Nike didn't lie.

I once heard Anderson Cooper say "Hope is not a plan." That's a quote I LOVE, and find it applicable to anyone who has ever dared to dream. Dreams can HELP to sustain you, but they alone are not enough. I firmly believe that in order to accomplish goals, the goals have to be crystal clear, as do the measured steps one plans to take in order to achieve the goal. Success rarely happens by accident. I am giving myself 10 days to re-focus and come up with an adjusted plan for myself. I intend to take 2007 out with a bang and use the momentum in 2008.

I will keep you in the loop. Writing this down helps me to clear my head, and hopefully those of you who read it can gain something from my journey that you can use in your own lives.

"Talk" soon.


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