Wednesday, June 10, 2009

In The Starting Blocks...

Okay, I think I have it all figured out: life is a never-ending relay race, isn't it? We just run in a big circle, getting something from one individual, and passing it on to another, right?

That's how it feels sometimes, anyway. Now that I have to be in an office everyday, auditions are coming in. This always happens. I've been sending out lots of postcards lately to help drum up business, so I am soooo not complaining - just wondering at the inner-workings of it all. I have an audition for "Heroes" tomorrow (!!), so I'll drive from the Valley to West LA EARLY, so I can leave about 3 hours later to drive BACK to the valley, audition, then drive BACK to West LA so I can finish my work day and drive back home. Home to the Valley, that is. And that's barring any other auditions that may arise. PLUS my car has been sounding funny for the past two days, so I might be bribing a Triple-A tow guy to give me a ride to my audition. I wonder if he'll take a check?

SAG membership has spoken. 78% voted "Yes" on the proposed TV/ Film contract, which is interesting because none of the actors I know planned to vote yes (at least none admitted to it). As soon as I heard it, I got the same sick feeling in the pit of my stomach that I had when I found out that Dubya had been re-elected in 2004. We are ALL anxious to get back to work, and this will allow production to pick up again, but this contract does not benefit actors who count on residuals in order to make a living. Hopefully I can hurry up and book some commercials (different contract), so I can stay afloat for the next couple of years until it's time for this contract to be negotiated again. That, and producing our own work is really all that can be done at this point. Onward and upward, one way or another.


ADDENDUM: I now have a commercial callback as well, so I would have had to come back to the west side anyway. All's well that ends well. Time to BOOK!

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