Thursday, June 04, 2009

On Again, Off Again.

Things seem to be picking up around here! Yesterday I had an audition for a live-action video game, and today I have TWO commercial auditions - one being a callback for the underwear audition I had a couple of weeks ago! APPARENTLY, they just changed the callback date from May 27 to June 4 (today), so that's why I didn't get called when I thought I would.

The audition was at 10:30AM in Santa Monica, so I went to bed early (11PM instead of 2AM or later), and got up at 8:30. Ugh. Too early, and I had a headache. I decided to wear a different dress than the one I wore to the first audition. I know you're not supposed to do that, but I knew that there would be several people in the room (instead of one person and a camera), and that this other dress would "play" better in person. When I left my apartment, one of my neighbors looked at me strangely - I imagine he was wondering why I was dressed in evening attire at 9:30 AM, and I felt the urge to explain, but didn't. No time. Traffic was awful initially (which I expected), but lightened up, and after I squeeeezed my little red convertible in between a Prius and a big old pickup truck, I arrived at Ocean Park Casting at 10:15 AM. I took off my flip-flops, put on my heels, and signed in. I was sent to meet with the wardrobe person so that she could take my measurements 5'11.5", 40-30-43 (she measured over clothing - I think the truth is more like 38-30-43), size 11 shoe and declared me a "model". They gave me a husband ("gave" may be a little strong - "loaned" is more like it) and we chatted a bit to get acquainted so that we wouldn't go into the room feeling like strangers. We did our portion together, he was dismissed, then they asked me to remove my dress so they could see how I look in the given scenario. I did, and after making sure everything was still where I put it earlier (trying to keep wardrobe malfunctions to a minimum), I did my thing. I felt really good about it, and still do. Not wanting to audition in my undies looking like I was ready to give birth to a bucket of chicken, I had a healthy portion of fruit for dinner, and only coffee for breakfast. When I came home I had half of a corned beef sandwich and a cupcake. Headache gone. I could never be a crash dieter.

When I went in for my video game audition yesterday, all of the other actresses appeared to be 5-15 years older than I am. The breakdown did say 40-50 years old, but I refused to let that get inside my head and mess with me. They called me in, so they must have wanted to see me (either that or they think I look much older in my pic - whatever gets me the call). The scene was well-written, so I was able to have some fun with it while preparing, and go in ready. I did my thing, and left smiling and all but skipping down Sunset Boulevard to where my car was parked.

It's funny that the auditions are picking up now that I'm about to start working on the BET Awards for the next three weeks. But that's how it seems to go - feast or famine. I'll take "feast" whenever it comes.

In a couple of hours, I have a commercial audition for Commerce Bank (a regional bank based in the midwest), and then I'll be hanging out with one of my fathers, who is in town for the next couple of days. As always, I will keep you posted. Lots of thoughts I'd like to share - too much to put into one post.




  1. Hey girl! I'm so happy to hear that you've got loads of auditions. Underwear commercial? Sexy :-)

  2. Hey Girl!

    Well, ya know... what can I say?? ;o)


    Thanks Beverly.


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