Friday, July 24, 2009

The Flood Re-Cometh...

Talk about ebb & flow - wow. I had been experiencing a drought of sorts, but someone seems to have opened the floodgates and ... WHOOSH!

Today I went in for a meaty guest-starring role on "Cold Case" (a show I LOVE). I received the script yesterday (5 scenes) called an actor-friend and asked him to work on it with me. I worked on it on my own first, then when he got off of work, he was kind enough to come over and we worked for over two hours. This morning, I got up and ran through it again, just to be sure I had it. I did, and I felt solid going to my noontime audition. Of the five scenes, the casting director asked me to do two particular scenes. Of course I obliged, and, again, felt really good. He told me that this picture got me called in. He also told me that I did very good work. I'm going to accept that compliment.

On Monday, I have T-H-R-E-E auditions. I'm going to get to work on the scripts as soon as I finish this blog post. I am glad to get so many opportunities - something is bound to pan out. Times like these help me to remember that I really enjoy acting. I'm not particularly stoked about all of the driving required, but, until I have enough money to have a driver on staff to take me to all of my auditions (which I would TOTALLY do if I could), this is an occupational hazard I just have to live with. The "glass-is-half-full" choice is to be happy that this is even an issue.

Regarding my reluctance to produce: I decided to speak to a good friend about it and guess what? Now I have a producing partner! Turned out that once we talked I realized that we are such a good fit skill-wise that it was easy to make this decision. So, we're off and running. We have a meeting with a potential director, and I've already spoken to someone at SAG regarding the process of becoming a signatory. Whew. That makes it feel REALLY real. It's an episodic podcast, and the scripts have been done for some time now, so... here we go.

I think the lesson in all of this has been: "Ask for help when you need it." I'm learning...

Bye y'all - got some scripts waiting to be dissected!


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