Thursday, April 12, 2012


Lotta diagnosis and treatment going on around here these days. A software update broke this site. I built it, I maintain it, and, by trial and error, I've gotten pretty good at trouble-shooting, but this was beyond my skill-set, and beyond the bounds of my patience. After about a week and a half of hearing screaming inside of my head everytime I thought about it, I found and hired an expert who got me up and running in a matter of hours. Once again, I was reminded of the importance of prioritizing and delegating. Lesson (re) learned. For the umpteenth time.

I'm also revisiting other lessons I've learned but haven't retained. You know how some people go, go, go, and never stop? They wake up on-task, fueled by passion, breathing, eating, and drinking their purpose? Well... I don't know how that works, because when I live like that for more than a few days at a time, my body says "No Ma'am" and crashes. I am passionate about a number of things, and I want to do them ALL. At ONCE. Acting, writing, consulting, volunteering, workshops, making jewelry, painting... To say nothing of connecting with friends and loved ones. Add in the mundane tasks necessary for basic life-maintenance, and self-care goes by the wayside. I have been doing yoga and Pilates about 5 days a week, which is great, but it's ALL great... and once again, something has to give.

I keep being confronted with this lesson, and until I absorb it, I know it will continue to cycle back around. So what am I going to do about it?? I am going into triage. When actors consult with me regarding their careers, most of the time, I triage them: assess the situation, find out what has been done in the past and has or has not worked, prioritize goals, and come up with quantifiable steps to get them done.

Somewhere along the way I fell off my own list.

So I am going to start working with someone to re-focus on my OWN personal mission as it stands today. It has gotten a little fuzzy, and I'm doing too much. Some things are going to have to bite the dust.




  1. Balance is the key. Proud of you for taking time to "assess" your own priorities. I appreciate your transparency, honesty and real ness. You do no one any favors being an "unhealthy" you. Take care of you.

  2. Thanks so much for the support. In some ways I have to count it as a blessing that my physical makeup doesn't allow me to mistreat my body for too long before it rebells - that way I can't get too far off-track without knowing that something is wrong. (That's my "looking on the bright side" version, and I'm sticking to it!)


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