Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Behind The Curtain...

I met with a photographer yesterday, and will be taking some new headshots soon.  I've admired this photog's work for a few years now, and I met with him because I wanted to tell him what I'm looking for and have him translate it in his own artistic lingo (a shoot is a collaboration between artists), AND I had to be sure he wasn't a jerk.  I've shot with people I didn't "vibe" with: it made me tense, uncomfortable, and angry, and it came across in the photos.  This guy was cool people with vision and talent, and I'm very excited about the shoot.  I took the last batch of headshots in spring of 2009, and they don't really fit me anymore.  Stay tuned...

I'm also going to a voiceover workshop at the SAG Conservatory (yay - I got in)!  Unfortunately, that means I will have to miss a painting class (booo).  I wasn't feeling well last week, so I didn't go then either.  Anxious to get back to painting class.  I have an easel and supplies at home, but because I am easily distracted by my "to do" list at home, I rarely get any painting done.  I have 2 paintings that I've started at home... one sat on the easel for MONTHS before I put it under my bed (where it currently resides).  The other is sitting there now - accusing me of neglect everytime I walk into the room.  So painting class is necessary for instruction as well as discipline.  I go there, I paint.  I want to master faces, so I'm working on a little girl right now.  My first full-on face (I've done profile and back-of-head), and my little girl is homely right now - one eye is bigger than the other, she looks like she's having a bout of Bell's Palsy, and her stringy hair looks like it was dyed in dirty dishwater, but I'll fix her up.

Great audition yesterday (got lots of laughs).  Small audition today for a big show.  Still no bookings.

Grateful for good reps who believe in me enough to stand by me while I fine-tune things and figure out what the heck is going on that has me stalled.

Also, I meet with a scene-study teacher next week.  Pretty sure I will take her class.  If she's not a jerk. ;o)


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