Monday, October 15, 2012

"The Fairest" - bracelet by Nicole J. Butler
Last week was a busy one, creatively.  I went to a play, had 5 auditions (1 resulted in a callback, and 1 in an avail), I started a new painting (I'm learning to paint facial features now), and made several new jewelry pieces.  This week is starting off that way too. I'm just trying to stay in the moment, and say "yes."

I'm researching scene study classes - I need to start booking at a higher level.  The same casting directors call me in again and again, so I must be doing SOMETHING right, but I don't get many guest star auditions.  I'm doing whatever I can to be as sharp as I am able at each and every audition, and doing my best to not be neurotic about it.  Or more neurotic.

It was heartening to watch Megan Mullally on "Larry King Now" this weekend.  She was in show business for 20 years before hit show "Will & Grace" came along.  She referred to herself as a "journeywoman actress" (I love that).  Do I want to do 10 more years of co-star roles?  No, I don't.  But I will, if need be, along with other things that keep my life well-rounded.  I enjoy what I do, and when I don't enjoy it, I do something else for awhile.  I also truly enjoy doing commercials, and don't look at them as something that I have to do until I up my theatrical quotient. I'm enjoying the journey most of the time.  The rest is gravy.


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