Thursday, January 24, 2013


...I'm still here.  As time goes by, I often think "I need to write a blog post." but as time goes by, the task seems more daunting.  "How will I ever put in EVERYTHING that has happened in the... 6 weeks(?) since my last post??"

So I'm just going to write a little right now to let you know that I am fine.  Sometimes I just have to put my head down and pull the plow.  And the focus it takes to pull a plow makes it tough to blog or Facebook, or tweet, or anything.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!

I worked on a production job for 4 weeks (BET Honors), and went to D.C.  I saw very little of D.C., because I was working long hours.  Strangely, I didn't freak out about it like I used to.  I was tired, yes. I was stressed out.  But nothing was personal.  I was in "It's just a job, and I'm going to the best that I can." And wonder of wonders, I did NOT come back to L.A. sick like I usually do.  I was run-down, but not sick.  I'm usually half-dead by show-day, so that's something.

I'm studying at the Beverly Hills Playhouse, and loving it.  I am constantly surprised, challenged, and inspired by my classmates/ colleagues.

I went back to painting class after being gone for a month.  It felt like learning to write again.  I don't know what was going on, but I couldn't even mix colors correctly, and I really enjoy that part.  Ah, well... maybe it's not like riding a bike.  I should finish my current painting next week, and I'll post it.

Speaking of riding a bike... I got a bike for Christmas!!  I haven't been on a bike in over $20 years, and it went MUCH better than I expected... if you'll ignore the part where I rode so far that I called a friend to meet me at Big 5 so I could buy a bike rack, attach it to his car, and he could drive me home.  He laughed and made me ride back home.  Good friends.  What would we do without them?? ;oP

I had my first audition of the year this past Friday.  It was a same-day pilot audition.  I had just pulled into the Costco parking lot when my agent called to tell me that I had a same-day audition, she didn't have any sides, and there was barely any description.  I had on yoga pants and a casual top.  My hair was piled on top of my head, all springy and sprightly.  She said casual should be fine, but matronly.  I threw my pashmina around my shoulders and declared myself "matronly."

I got to the casting office, signed in, asked a couple of questions, and I saw the scene in my mind.  I knew who the character was.  Another woman came in right behind me, and asked about 30 questions (I'm not exaggerating - she may have asked more).  She was very specific about her questions, and I thought "wow - maybe I need to get more info."  But I felt a calm come over me.  I knew this woman.

So I went in, did my improv (it was a drama), and felt GOOD.  Like I couldn't have done any better.

I booked it.  ;o)

I can't say what it is just yet, because they had me sign a non-disclosure agreement, and I ain't trying to get sued or lose my job.  I went to shoot today, but my scene was postponed due to bad weather, so they had me fill out paperwork, and sent me home.  They said they will call me to reschedule.  I will go whenever they call, of course, but in the meantime, I'm going to keep it moving.

Commercial audition tomorrow?  Don't mind if I do!



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