Thursday, May 02, 2013

All work and no play...

In the time since my last confession post, I have been a busy little actress:
  • Rehearsed and performed 3 scenes at the Beverly Hills Playhouse
  • Shot an Allstate Commercial with director Antoine Fuqua
  • Was put on avail and asked to rehearse (an unusual occurrence) for a Verizon commercial, which I subsequently didn't get
  • Have been asked to participate in 2 play readings by 2 different playwrights
  • Joined a writers' lab, and was very surprised at the characters/ storyline that appeared while working on the first writing assignment
  • Joined an "admin" group (also known as an "accountability group").  I've never been good at being accountable to other people for my life choices, but I'm trying to shake things up a little and see how it goes.
  • Booked and shot the season's finale of "Grey's Anatomy"
That's all good stuff work-wise.  My personal life has had to take a backseat, and I've been run-down and mentally tired.  Some tough questioning by the people in my admin group led me to the realization that I've been leaving myself off of my "to do" list a LOT lately, so I'm scheduling my "me" time.  My appointments with myself should be as important as my appointments with other people, otherwise, without proper time to recharge and care for myself, I end up depleted.

I'm working on this.  It has been a recurring theme throughout my life.

As I go to the next level in my career, I am realizing how important physical and mental fitness are.  If I'm exhausted at the end of most weeks, how am I going to perform consecutive 16-hour days on a set? If "Nicole" is sucking in her gut, how the heck can I be immersed in the character and scene at hand?

I've been squeezing in some reading when I can, but not as often as I'd like.  I haven't been very good at squeezing in exercise, but my eating habits have been pretty good.  I haven't been painting, though. And I'd like to go back to yoga.  I think I need it.


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