Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Accidental Hiatus.

There is a me-shaped imprint in my couch these days, and if you look closely, I'm probably burrowed inside.

I sprained my ankle on Dec. 5 (one day before my birthday).  I wish I could say that I was dancing on a table or turning cartwheels when it happened, but I was WALKING.  Just. walking.

Fast-forward 2 and a half weeks later, and I still can't drive my car (stick-shift), or walk too much without pain.  It IS getting better, just slooooooowly, and the best thing I can do for it is to stay off of it.  So I spend a lot of time sitting.  Mostly on my couch, because it's like a big brown marshmallow.

If this had to happen, this is the best time of year for it to happen, because everything slows down around the holidays.  I have been able to record an on-camera audition and a few voiceover auditions home, as well as go to a voiceover audition.  Other than that, I've only been to the doctor.

I don't know why I'n not enjoying this more.  Friends have brought me food and coffee, and helped me around the house, I'm all caught up on my TV-watching, I've been drawing and trying my hand at watercolor painting, reading, playing "Words With Friends" with my mom & sister, trying out new makeup techniques and hairstyles... I have NOT done any of the stuff on my "to do " list that I don't want to do, so this should be fun, right?

Then why am I so friggin' grumpy??


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