Saturday, January 09, 2016

"Once you make a decision...

the universe conspires to make it happen. " - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Or, as I often heard preachers say in church as I was growing up: "You take one step, God'll take two!" 

I didn't anticipate that my commitment to moving at a slower pace that allows me to function better in all aspects of my life (instead of the frenetic pace that has only proven to benefit me work-wise) would be easy.  I constantly have to remind myself to breathe, to let minor things go, to trust that not every situation needs my fingerprints all over it in order to work out 'right.'

Before I embarked upon this journey, I prayed a prayer that went something like this:

"Lord - you know I need to slow down, and I feel like you actually WANT me to... but you know me:  I can NOT have my life fall apart while I sit & meditate.  That just ain't gon work for me,  so please help me out here."

I started making a list of personal and professional goals for this year and then I started making changes in the way that I deal with things.  I've been auditioning, managing the things that need to be managed, and saying "no" to stuff that I either don't really want to do or that will cause my schedule to become over-full when it doesn't have to be.  I'm also taking deep breaths and trusting that work will come to me even if I don't spent every free moment beating the bushes.  I have a great team and while I think my being proactive has benefitted my career, what's it all worth if I can't take a little time to sort myself out?

Which brings me to my point:

Without any intervention on my part, here's what has happened to me career-wise THIS YEAR (today being Jan. 8):

  • 2 commercial auditions
  • 1 Equity audition for live theatre ("Equity auditions" is on my 2016 goals list)
  • 1 TV show booking (overshare ahead:  they called & booked me while I was at home in my underwear eating a late breakfast & listening to the radio)

I feel like this is confirmation that what's for me is mine, and while I should be prepared to work hard when needed, not every situation of every day is a 5-alarm fire actually requiring hard work.

This may be elementary to some of you who figured this out LONG before I have, but bear with me.  We all have our "stuff" and this is (some of) mine.

It's a process... and I think it's gonna be ok.


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