Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Life Changes (Us).

Some very important relationships in my life have changed recently.  Fallen away/ faded away/ ended/ rendered/ ripped/ changed.

And I'm getting to the part where I can be all insightful about it, and whatnot.  On most days, anyway.

But know this:

before this point, there was a lot of heart-wringing, stankface-making, growling, and cover-burrowing.

Before seeking the light I shrank from it - preferring the cover of darkness to nurse my despair.

But despair, like everything else, falls away if you open your hands and allow it to.

So here I am.  Standing just to the right edge of my spotlight.  A little more battle-scarred and stronger for my efforts, but I'm on my feet, and my hands are open.


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