Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brick by Brick...

I'm building this career!

Went to bed early last night (11:45PM-ish) and kept hitting snooze this morning, so I got up at about 8:20AM, got ready, ran to Staples for a hot second (looking for "tools" I could use to better market myself, but ended up not buying anything), then started my drops. I dropped off 6 pictures w/ resumes today, and I'm HOPING that 4 of them were not a waste of time. I went to: Liberman/ Patton (Las Vegas, King of Queens, Raines, Vanished, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), Orson/ Gelles (Hidden Palms, Reba, Runaway), Corbin Bronson (Monk), Slater/ Brooksbank (Commander In Chief--which I think has been cancelled), Johnson/ Goldstein (Ugly Betty), and Greenstein/ Daniel (Help Me Help You). I was suppsed to do a 7th, but I was very very hungry (didn't eat breakfast), and I needed to get to the NAACP to do some contract work (gotta pay them billz).

Anyhoo, the first two were easy--they were in the same building. When I got to what I thought was Corbin Bronson's wasn't. It was a production company he had previously worked for, but he has sinced moved on. I left my pic & res anyway (the nice woman at the desk said she would hold it for him). Then I drove to Paramount to drop off at the last 3 places--I couldn't get onto the lot b/c I didn't have security clearance, so--silly me, I put Post-it notes on them and dropped them into the "on-lot" mailbox, all the while hoping that the Post-its do't fall off before they get where they're supposed to go. I'm learning...

I feel like I'm "in the lab" figuring out how to get auditions. I KNOW I can act, but I need to get in these peoples' offices!

I'll focus on drops and workshops, and just take full advantage of opportunities. Plus I have a few tricks up my sleeve.


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