Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Busy day...(just started drops)

I went to bed at a more decent hour than usual last night (which means 1AM instead of 5AM), so I could wake up refreshed and hit the ground running.  I got up at 8:30AM, and got moving!!  Here’s how my day went...

10:15AM--dropped my pic & res at UDK on my way out of the valley.  I felt REEEEALLLY good & giggled all the way back to my car (yes, I’m a nerd).  I just felt like “wow, I am back in the driver’s seat of my career.”  I didn’t know I was even OUT of the driver’s seat!!

11:00AM-1:00PM—Met with 5 other actors (fellow Meisner-ites) in West Hollywood regarding some film projects we have in development.  (We’re still in the prelim stages, but check us out here)

1:00PM—High-tailed it back to the valley for a 2PM audition.  When I realized I was going to pass Zydeco Studios, I decided to do a drop there.

1:45-2:30PM Went to audition for “Road to Damascus.  Apparently, so were about 20 OTHER people (apparently all called for the same damn time).  There weren’t enough sides, it was hot, disorganized, unpaid, and non-union.  After I waited for about 20 minutes without sides, only 2 people had gone in and I was getting more and more disgusted by the moment (but trying to keep my attitude “adjusted”), I crossed my name off the list and left.  I think it’s unprofessional, disrespectful, and counter-productive for casting people to treat actors in that manner because, ideally, they should want actors to be at their best, but if they are creating an environment of chaos, it can hinder the actors.  Not cripple them, necessarily, but why create obstacles?  Some may see this as “diva” behavior, but quite simply, I value my time and my talent, and I don’t appreciate this kind of treatment.

2:30PM-3:00PM--Anyhoo, I left, and drove BACK over the hill to Alyson Horn Casting for a Honda Spec (union).  I felt like it went well, and expect a callback.

3:00PM—I dropped off my pic & res at Michael Donovan Casting.

3:15PM—I did a drop at Castaway Studios.  After I drove off, I realized that THAT was one of the places where I should have put my picture in an envelope with a name on it b/c a lot of CDs work in that space.  Well, I know for next time.

3:30PM—Went to “On Your Mark” Casting, but the gates were locked.

I thought about doing more, but I wasn’t feeling very well by this time.  Re-read what you just read...do you see FOOD or WATER anywhere on this list???  DUH!!!  I’m off fast food, and didn’t want to sit down in a restaurant because I’m watching my finances, so I decided to drive home and cook dinner.

4:30PM—Home.  Watered the plants, talked to the birds, washed dishes, made a phone call, cooked and ate dinner (stir-fry, yum!)

6:00PM—Checked e-mail, returned 2 phone calls.

7:00PM-8:05PM—Conference call with Robert & Michelle Holt of “Acting Success Now”.  (They were on point!)

Now it’s 8:16PM, and I have sides to memorize for an indie film audition tomorrow (if they’ve e-mailed them to me), 4 phone calls to return, and work to do for the NAACP...and I’m trying to get to bed before 1AM.

Before I go, I gotta say-- I do feel good about doing my own drops.  I was surprised to see that there were so few pictures in the boxes!!  I wasn’t even worried about the gas prices!!  The gas I use will pay for itself.  

Okay, I’ve got work to do...


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