Thursday, October 19, 2006

On avail for TBS Promo

Ya know the audition where my phone rang?? (Because I forgot I had turned it OFF and switched it back ON??) Well, I got put on avail for it. It shoots next Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow's Friday, so if they want to hire me, I imagine I'll get a call tomorrow. The audition required me to laugh hysterically--people are always saying they love my smile, and my mother comments on my "hearty laugh" (I think that's code for LOUDMOUTH, lol)...let's see if I can capitalize...

I have an audition for AARP tomorrow. No, I'm not a retiree, I'm a customer call center rep!

I'll keep ya posted.

Today was a pretty chill day. I just needed to unwind...bought cosmetics, shoes, purses, and got my car washed. ;o)

Last night I did a CD workshop with Allison Mize of Dee Dee Bradley Casting (casts Smallville & Veronica Mars). I think the scene went well, and Ms. Mize seemed VERY nice.



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